Mashid Kholghi of “Shadows Hair Salon” located in Irvine, California took the time to explain some tips of hair smoothing for women with hair that has a slight amount of curl to it. Mahshid Kholghi just wants every person knowing about how to use hair straightening and to condition their hair properly, keep the split ends trimmed, and use heat protector products so you do not cause severe damages to your tresses. For all individuals that have very curly hair, or hair that is prone to being frizzy, and unruly, then your hair straightening may require a Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatments.

When you are considering a Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatments in Irvine, California, there are a few things about this form of hair smoothing that you should understand. Mahshid told us that the typical Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatments in Irvine Orange County will cost you between one hundred and fifty dollars, and four hundred dollars depending on the length, and thickness of your hair. The process is time-consuming so plan to spend several hours at the salon on the day you have this done. You can get this treatment performed on hair that has never been color treated, and it can be performed on hair that has been bleached, dyed, or otherwise had the color chemically altered. The keratin-based treatments will provide a smoothing effect for hair that has a lot of curls, waves, or is typically frizzy.

According to Mashid, it is essential that you use original Keratin Smoothing shampoo for your Keratin Hair Treatment and most importantly, that is free of sulfate and salt.
She will provide you original Keratin Smoothing shampoo which contains no sodium Lauryl sulfate (SLS) as this can be pretty bad for your hair. Being a surfactant, SLS will quickly wear away your Keratin Hair Treatment. Besides depleting your Keratin Hair Treatment much faster, SLS also causes irritation of the scalp and hair thinning. Using such shampoos on your Keratin Hair Treatment is thus something that you should really avoid at all costs. Most shampoos, unfortunately, use it because it is quite cheap and since it creates foam, you will be made to think that it is cleaning your hair better which, unfortunately, isn’t the case.

Your hairdresser cannot guarantee that the hair will be one hundred percent straight when the treatment is completed. With the proper application, the keratin-based application should remove between fifteen percent and thirty percent of the natural curl in the hair. The exact amount of curl that will be removed will be determined by your hair texture, and the way your hair responds to the treatment.

When you get this type of straightening done to your hair the results should last for ten to twelve weeks. After about three months, you will need to repeat the treatment, which will also allow for the new growth your hair has developed to be treated and tamed. Not all of these treatments are exactly the same. There are different chemicals used by different hair technicians to achieve the results of smoother, straighter hair.

Depending on which chemicals were used during the straightening process you may have to wait as long as seventy-two hours before you can wash your hair. Your hairdresser may also tell you that for the first seventy-two hours you should not get your hair wet, like from extreme sweating, washing, or water activities, you should refrain from wearing a headband, tucking the hair behind your ears, wearing ponytail holders in the hair, or pinning the hair up in any way. You need to allow the hair to recover from the treatment before using these styling techniques.

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