“A woman getting a haircut is like changing her life” said Coco Channel.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Have you gotten the perfect haircut for the holiday?

Do you know the smartest way to get a makeover for any occasion or celebration? Go for a haircut!
In Orange County, there are plenty of stylish salons to get yourself a new look. But try visiting the better ones for the ideal thanksgiving hairstyle.
Here are a few ideas to help you get dolled up in the trendy looks. Time for a change, girls!

#Pixie bob-

If you wish to sport a look that’s chic and smart, go for a pixie cut. It’s neat, clean and doesn’t let the wind mess up your hair much.
Wear a dress or gown, plain tees, or middies- pixie bob is ready to complement every look!
If you want to be ready during the stretch of Christmas month, a short pixie haircut can be your most convenient holiday hairstyle!
Also, in case you wish to experiment with those short strands, twist them up like Evan Rachel. It might be a little difficult to do by yourself but a salon can help you there.

#High ponytail-

If you feel high ponytails are out of fashion, you’re so wrong!
However, if your hair is not blow dried properly or doesn’t have a voluminous bounce, a high ponytail might not turn out as charming as expected.
So, before you knot up your beautiful hair into a high ponytail for Thanksgiving, don’t forget to get it at the best salon at Orange County. One additional perk with the professionals is that they will offer you so many more options for ponytails!
#Slicked down strand-
Do you have straight hair? Slicked down hair, tied into a ponytail, bun, or braid will look gorgeous. With that kind of flattened tresses, don’t forget to wing your eyeliner a little more than usual.
No matter how straight your hair is, it needs some lacquer or hairspray to hold all the strands in place. That is too much for any girl to do by herself, especially when there’s plenty more preparations left for Thanksgiving.
A salon is the best place to go!

#Messy Braid-

For someone who wants to flaunt her “careless beauty” profile, a messy braid could be the best idea for Thanksgiving hairstyle!
Here’s how you do it –
Part the hair from the middle. Give it a little bump and tie a fish braid. Leave two strands from behind the ear loose to give it the “casual” look. You can twist hairs from the front end until the back begins to appear like a neat hairstyle.
Sounds a little complex? Well, that’s why there are salons available!

How about a voted professional?

If you are looking for Orange County’s best salon, Shadow Hair Salon, voted for being the finest, can be your friend in need. They employ professional hairdressers who know exactly how to create hairstyles according to one’s personality and dressing choices.
Be it Christmas, Easter, or a Thanksgiving hairstyle, you can ace that perfect bun or curl with some help from these experts!