Are you thinking about hair extensions? How do you know which hair extension salon will best serve your needs? In today’s age with the power of the internet, it became really easy to find out a good salon for applying this process. Still, I have listed below some important steps that will help you finding an experienced specialist for your hair.

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Tips to find out the best hair extension specialist in Orange County, California

Best Hair Extensions Salon in Orange CountyResearch, research, and research

This is perhaps the most important step to make your job successful. Google is probably the first option for us to find out a hair extension specialist in Orange County, California. While searching in Google, you will not only get information about the salon but also get to know about its location through the map. You can also check out the reviews of other people who have already taken services from the salon. So, there are ample options available to make your research a fruitful one.

Portfolio of work

An experienced extensionist will show his/her best work through representing a good work portfolio. You will get to see before and after images of clients so that you can perceive their original hair. The portfolio must show your different types of finishes and colors. You should pay close attention to the finish line to know – does it look thick or full at the bottom? Is it cut properly or does it look blunt, amateur or uneven? While going through portfolio photos, you must check out – does every hair extension has a curling finish? A lot of hair specialists curly hair while finishing as it helps them to hide their mistakes. If you have a desire of having a long hair, this can give you the optimal solution.


With the growing popularity of this hair process, the number of hair extensionists has increased a lot. Almost all of them will claim to provide you the best service, but only a few of them can keep their promise and therefore, it is a difficult task to choose the one that can best serve your requirement. An experienced extensionist knows about different hair textures and suggests you the one that will go best with your face. They are aware of the latest techniques and processes so that you can get the best treatment.


Checking out reviews is an excellent way to know the honest opinions of people who have already taken service from a particular salon. If in case, you are not satisfied with answers of the stylist, you can check out the reviews to get real information about the salon. These reviews will give you some idea what type of service they provide to their clients.


Always be careful about the prices that are very low. Budget hair treatment won’t give you the good and long-lasting result. The photos may look good in the portfolio, but after few weeks, it will look dull. Many new hair extensionists will offer you discounts and budget hair treatment to create their portfolio. It is an apt way to get a cheaper price, but be prepared for possible mistakes. Exclusive discount offers are just a way to attract new customers. However, it does not mean that gorgeous hair does not come at an affordable price. It is possible, but it requires a lot of research work.

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With proper extension process, you can fulfill your desire of having a long hair. Follow these tips and it will not be difficult for you to select the right salon for treatment. However, to get the best hair do in Orange County, California, contact Shadows Hair Salon at (888) 278-5696. It is a reputed one for their quality service and happy clients.